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Lawn Maintenance

Instead of spending precious hours of your time toiling away on lawn maintenance, rely on our trained lawn care professionals to do the job right.

Tree Works

As a full service tree company, Tony Garcia's Lawn Care offers stump grinding as the fastest and least abrasive way to remove your stump.


Whether you are searching for a complete landscape makeover or a maintenance contract on an existing landscape, we take pride in delivering results.

Welcome to Tony Garcia's Lawn Care

As with all our services, Tony Garcia's Lawn Care gives no-obligation, free estimates so you’ll know exactly what it will cost to remove your stump. Our services are affordable and reliable with your stump grinding scheduled whenever it’s convenient for you.

Tony Garcia's Lawn Care. is a full service landscaping company that has been serving Ponca City Oklahoma for over 25 years. We combine experienced landscape planning and art to create landscape masterpieces that are the envy of the neighborhood. We are passionate about what we do and approach each and every landscape design project with creativity and enthusiasm.

How does stump removal work?

Using grinding for removal of a stump works exactly as it sounds. A machine with a high-speed disk with specially designed teeth grinds the stump and underground roots into small chips. The size of your tree stump isn’t an issue as Tony Garcia's Lawn Care has a variety of specialized grinders to tackle all stumps, large or small. Of course, the larger the stump, the longer it takes to grind it into wood chips.

When done, your stump and tree roots will be reduced to a pile of wood chips that can be dispersed, composted or used for other landscaping applications. You’ll have many options available as your stump will be completely gone.